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Tuesday, 03 January 2006



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Listen Zhi...I mean...William: this is VERY important! You can't leave the blog!!! I am serious. I know I don’t check it as frequently as I’d like to...and I have never posted a message...but I really enjoy it. Just don’t update it so often, but keep it alive!!
Greetings from Madrid!

James S. Greysor

Dude. Now why you wanna go do something like dat? Are you serious about closing down your blog, or are you just fishing for compliments? Coz if you is, I got a whole list of great things to say about it:

1. Its free.
2. Its funny (I just got your banner joke: courge! étagère! That's hilarious).
3. Its got ideas (yeah, like lots of them and interesting topics too. Kudos to your fan club for always posting interesting comments. Seriously).
4. Its got music (for free!--see point 1).
5. Its got great links to porn (see point 3).

Man, we're telling you: don't give up, you can do it, we'll come fwoo foo you, we can build that bridge... KEEP THE BLOG ALIVE.


NOOOOOOOOOOO don't do that, you are one of my last link with this part of the world I left since I am in Jakarta.
No, man do whatever you want, but to be honest, I will miss that blog.
Oh, I am actually trying to make one, the only problem is that it is in french and not so interesting (un peu vulgaire en fait).
Je lance la pétition SAVEITOBLOG.COM

j.k the canadian


First off, may I wish you a happy new year. This time one year ago we were elsewhere with a different set of priorities, doing different things. But plus ca change. As it stands, I am a little late finding your little patch of grass here, but I hope you keep to your new year's resolution and stick to it. That said, new year's resolutions are a mechanism for feeling bad during the dreary month of January.

I hope you and your family are well and I hope we can see you soon, soon, soon. I'll be checking back regularly now...


Well, a very happy new year to you too!! Even though I will miss your blog if you decide to disconnect, I understand why you might choose to do so. It must have taken up quite a bit of your time!

Well, what ever you decide to do, thanks for keeping it up so long. I certainly enjoyed it very much! So, thank you!

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