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Wednesday, 06 July 2005



Sure, i'm must have the mp3 version somewhere...will get back to you on this one.


...or if not that track, a other tracks by Kraked Unit from the soundtrack? I never heard of them before this movie but they are great-- thank you!


do you have la reine des queens in mp3 format? i tried to download your link but it didnt work...i couldnt recognize the format- thanks!


aaah mon cher, I challenge you to find me one actor with the same mix of charm, versatility and natural talent as Romain Duris. Don't try too hard, you won't find anyone.

By the way, "les chinoises" include one GUY from shanghai and another GUY from Osaka. Do my buddies look that androgenous?

bruno de la rue

thank god you changed your little blurb on that movie. I have already wrote a few comments but due to my lack of electronic prowess, they were all erased.

I agree completely that the music is good.

The film is on the other hand GROTTOID SCHLECHT, all due to that biggest cake of all the cakes ROMAIN DURIS.

The guy is pathetic man

In any case, I am so happy to see that you are discovering the wonders of arts and crafts. So therapeutic.

Get back to me, I may have a link to a good job for you. Actually it is a good job for me but because I am stuck here…

btw. william amongst les chinoises. why cant we click on this picture and enlarge it.

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